April 21, 2019

The power of dreams

Learn to Tune Performance EFI

Do you really want to be in the know? Do you really want to be told the truth? There is place called HP Academy where you can get all the answers right now, anywhere, all the time, forever. HP ACADEMY AMK Racing Team

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B series transmission guide

B-Series Transmission Guide By: Chet Hewitt B-series Transmissions In response to recent questions about different transmissions I think its important to shed some light into the ones available for our b-series motors. There are many differences between B-series transmissions and I’ve never found an article describing the positives and negatives of each unit. Below, you’ll […]


Distributor Code list

Broj modela distributora Fabrički ugrađivan u model vozila: TD01U Civic 88-91 (1.5L) TD02U & TD18U Civic 88-91 Si (1.6L) & CRX 88-91 Si (1.6L) TD22U Civic 88-91 JDM B16A (Japanese Spec.) TD41U Civic 92-95 (1.5L) TD42U Civic 92-95 Si (1.6L) TD43U Civic ZC Engine (2nd GeTD80U Civic 96-98 (1.6L Non-VTEC) TD63U & TD73U Civic 99-00 […]


FreeValve sistem – Koenigsegg

🙂 N-fazni VTec Christian von Koenigsegg je poznat po konstrukciji svjetskih super-automobila, ali je takođe veliko ime i u inovacijima pogonskih sklopova. Osim što je osmislio hibridni pogonski sistem razvijen za Koenigsegg Regera-u koji omogućuje da radi bez mjenjača, on je također godinama radio na nečemu s potencijalom da bude mnogo više revolucionarno – motor bez bregaste […]


Honda Civic Type R (EK9) B16B

  Pictures of the Old Civic Type R. This was a 1.6 VTEC and used the B16B Honda engine producing 185ps @ 8300rpm. Not ever offically imported into either Europe or USA, some JDM models are seen in the UK (occasionally). Check out the Best Motoring video, battles @ 10,000rpm About This is a copy (changed […]

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